Odisha Tourism Policy 2013

Odisha Tourism Policy 2013: Tourism is a major growth engine for economic development, creation of employment and eradication of poverty. It has a major role to play in promoting faster, sustainable and inclusive economic growth of the State. It has better prospects for promoting pro-poor growth than many other sectors as it involves Hotel, Transport, Shopping, Food, Entertainment, Retail Shops, Hospitality Services, etc. which benefit all categories of people of the society. Across the world, the tourism industry is one of the large st generators of employment. It is estimated that in tourism sector 78 jobs are created for every million rupee investment as compared to 45 in any manufacturing sector. 10.7% of the total work force in the World (approximately 212million) is contributed today by the tourism industry.
India is fast emerging as an important tourism destination in the World. The ‘Incredible India Campaign’ has attracted worldwide attention. Odisha, despite a strong cultural and religious heritage, varied natural attractions currently plays a comparatively small role in the World Tourism scene, although it has immense potential for tourism growth. The development of tourism is generally measured in terms of tourist arrival to the State. In last five years the tourist arrival to the State is showing an increasing trend which is a result of aggressive publicity campaign undertaken by the State Tourism Department.


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