Naveen Patnaik launches pink auto service for women

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik launches pink auto service for women commuter with 200 going on the roads. After examining about 300 auto-rickshaw drivers in the city, about 200 drivers were found eligible to drive the special pink coloured three-wheeler with ‘Pink Auto’ inscribed on them, a senior police official said. A trained psychologist examined the drivers with 220 of them appearing for tests. The exercise was carried out to eliminate those having ‘criminal minds’, the official said. “The criminal intents and leanings of drivers were studied during the tests,” he said. Stating that safety and security of women was a major component of women’s empowerment in the state, Patnaik said “The police need to take prompt action when a woman lodges complaint as their safety and security is the commitment of the state government,” Patnaik said. The Pink Auto Service would boost the morale of the working women, he said.


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