Odisha GK Quiz No. 4

Odisha General Knowledge (GK) Questions Paper No. 4:  Odisha General Knowledge (GK) Sample Question Paper No. 4 with Collection of Objective GK Question Papers  as part of Odisha GK Questions for Various examinations Odisha PSC, OPSC, Odisha SSC, Teachers Exam, Judicial Exam, Odisha police exam and other competitive examinations by Odisha State Government.  
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Odisha GK Sample Quiz No. 4:
Which of the following is the state animal of Odisha? 
A. Sambar deer 
B. Indian giant squirrel 
C. Olive ridley turtle 
D. Barasingha
Answer: A

Hathigumpha inscription at Udayagiri is related to ---- ?
A. Satakarni 
B. Kharavela 
C. Chandragupta 
D. Pusyamitra
Answer: B

When was Orissa separated from Bihar to become a separate province? 
A. 1 January 1948 
B. 1 April 1936 
C. 28 August 1955 
D. 1 November 1958
Answer: B

Which of the following day is observed as “Utkala Dibasa”? 
A. May 1st 
B. October 1st 
C. November 1st 
D. April 1st
Answer: D

Which of the following district of Odisha is known as ‘Granary of Odisha’? 
A. Cuttack 
B. Balasore 
C. Khurda 
D. Puri 
Answer: B

When did Bhubaneswar become capital city of Odisha? 
A. 1936 
B. 1940 
C. 1945 
D. 1948
Answer: D

Where is Central Rice Research Institute located in Odisha? 
A. Bhubaneswar 
B. Cuttack 
C. Deburi 
D. Puri
Answer: B

Sukinda valley in Odisha is famous for__? 
A. Iron 
B. Nickel 
C. Chromite 
D. Copper
Answer: C

As per 2011 census, which is the most populous district in Odisha?
A. Mayurbhanj 
B. Ganjam 
C. Bolangir 
D. Balasore
Answer: B

In which district of Odisha the Deomali peak is located? 
A. Ganjam 
B. Koraput 
C. Angul 
D. Jaipur

Answer: B

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